Building Automation

WJO is vendor neutral in relation to building controls service.

W.J.O’ Neil Company provides the capabilities to install, start-up, and service your building control services through the life cycle of the building. Due to the 33 years of extensive service and construction in the industry the W.J. O’Neil Company has developed the knowledge and experience to effectively service and install all manufacturer types. For that reason the W. J.O’Neil company is considered to be vendor neutral in relation to building controls service which allows our customers a choice during the service, construction and retrofit decision process.

Best Solutions

vendor neutral in relation to building controls service

W.J. O’Neil Company’s rich history of Control systems allows us to provide the best solution and recommendations to owners during the procurement process and the best price. Our service base and electronic history of chiller systems allow us to provide owners information and recommendations for both short term and long term decisions.

Controls Manufacturer OEM Products Service and Installations

Niagara AX – Tridium

  • Supervisor Software
  • Workbench
  • Mobile Apps – Integration and Drivers
  • GX and PX graphics
  • 3 dimensional graphics
  • Building Analytics
  • *Highest number of certified techs in Michigan

Niagara AX – Tridium – Hardware

  • JACE Vycon Supervisor
  • BOS Supervisor
  • FX Supervisor
  • WEBS Supervisor
  • Distech Local Distributor

Johnson Controls Metasys

  • Service and installation of Bacnet MS/TP, N2, and LON protocols.
  • User Interface – Ready Access Portal (RAP).
  • Bacnet – Controller Configuration Tool software programming for field devices. (CCT)
  • N2 – HVAC PRO, GX-9100 software programming.
  • System Configuration Tool database creation (SCT)
  • Application Data Servers (ADS & ADX)
  • GGT Software to complete graphic packages including HVAC equipment,floor plans, lighting, process equipment, and power metering.
  • Integrate with various 3rd party devices including air handling units, boiler systems, power monitoring, humidifiers, and pool systems.
  • Custom network level programming using LCT logic.
  • Incorporate peer to peer communication between field controllers.
  • Software revision upgrades.   Building Analytics – Panoptix

Johnson Controls OEM Hardware

  • FEC
  • VMA
  • NCE, NAE
  • ADS, ADX Servers
  • RAP
  • DSC8500 – (Old, old)
  • DX9100
  • UNT’s, AHU,s

Johnson Controls non – OEM products

All non-Metasys compatible equipment

Trane OEM

  • Trane Tracer
  • Comm 4
  • Summit panels.
  • Software programming


  • CCN – Network Service Tool
  • VVT Systems
  • Integration


  • Spyder
  • Software/Hardware
  • Integration Excell
  • Honeywell owns Niagara – Tridium


Software/Hardware – Integration

Planned Services and Options

Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Network Integrity.
  • Alarm log analysis.
  • System analysis
  • Critical Point Monitoring
  • Critical point adjustment and optimization
  • Hardware integrity

Full Coverage Maintenance Services

  • Full repair labor coverage
  • Full material coverage
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Predictive and Preventive maintenance
  • Full customized delivery plan specific to building

Consultative Services

  • System Enhancement.
  • System Architecture
  • System upgrades
  • Energy optimization
  • Building Monitoring
  • DTE programs

Retrofit Activities

  • Graphic Packages
  • System Expansions
  • System conversions and upgrades
  • Web-Based upgrades

Building Commissioning


  • Review/verify  building O&M operations
  • Identify Operational Problems
  • Corrective measures to correct and enhance building performance.


Same as above – Revisited due to re-surfacing of issues, neglect, and or changes to facility over time.

Facility Improvement Assessment

  • Optimizing maintenance expenditures based on equipment criticality.
  • Aligning maintenance and operations expenditures with corporate business strategy.
  • Improving the efficiency of maintenance and operations.
  • Maximizing equipment reliability.
  • Minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Developing fix and repair strategies that maximize equipment life.
  • Improving asset management.
  • Improving internal customer satisfaction levels.
  • Managing operating and capital expenditures to be consistent with corporate strategies.

Dependable 24-Hour Service

Our 24-hour emergency service means we’re always there for you, day or night. That means no downtime costs because of faulty equipment and lack of maintenance. Plus, our emergency service gives you peace of mind knowing that our technicians can handle any mechanical problems, anytime.

LEED Certification

Our highly skilled LEED Accredited Professionals know all the latest green building practices and LEED requirements and processes. LEED certification provides third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that mater most.

GreenStar Designation

W.J. O’Neil was one of the first 30 contractors in the country to be honored with GreenStar designation awarded by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) for meeting stringent guidelines for environmental responsibility.

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