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Air Disinfectant System

Concentrated Biogenic Ionization Solutions Neutralizing Pathogens Directly at the Source

Pathogens Propagate One Breathe at A Time

People are the main contributors of spreading infectious contaminants such as viruses, and other types of bacterial infections in a breathing area. A simple sneeze is passing pathogens to others within a confined space such as an elevator, waiting area, restroom, public transportation, or the office conference room.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Dynamics

ATo a leaseholder, employee-compensation costs are by far the largest expense—more than 120 times the cost of providing HVAC. That is why dissatisfaction with IEQ (Indoor Environmental Comfort) and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) are the top reasons owner’s cite for leases not being renewed.

Energy Savings Commensurate to IAQ and IEQ

Buildings are the largest consumers of energy. Problems result when a building is operated or maintained in a manner that is inconsistent with its original design, prescribed operating procedures or with a low EUI (Energy Use Intensity).

Concentrated Biogenic Ionization Solutions

Crystal Clean Air’s Ionization system purifies and recirculates the correct amount of tempered air by creating Millions of ions in the air jet and will continuously seek out and neutralize the contaminants directly at the source for optimum effectiveness. Therefore, allowing for the reduction of outside air commensurate to a low EUI rating.

Proper Space Air Diffusion

Crystal Clean Air’s Biogenic Ionization products are Industrial Grade and made in the USA with the highest quality components. Crystal Clean Air’s Biogenic Ionization projection air jet performance has an unconventional discharge jet pattern, that is required for ionization of the air to mix with the induced room air.

How Does Our Patented Bi-Polar Ionization Work?

Negative ions contain an extra electron, while positive ions are missing an electron. As a result of the electron mismatch, ions are inherently unstable, and in turn, quickly seek out atoms and molecules with which to exchange electrons such as pathogens. During the ionization process, an electric field is created triggering the air to become separated into positive ions and electrons — the air is ionized. The molecules in the air will dissociate and migrate-that is, travel-to an opposite polarity such as infectious contaminates, thus depriving them of hydrogen.

The Clystar Clean Air is the solution for new and existing infrastructure by neutralizing the contaminants at the source where human interaction occurs. We offer both Clystar Clean Air technology in our engineered standalone units in our innovative air terminal units and project specific designs.

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